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The greatest catalyst to the development of a hockey player is individual attention to their specific developmental needs. Our program offers coaching excellence, availability and intentionality to focus on individual player needs, both off and on-ice.

Northstar Christian Academy
Northstar Christian Academy

PRIORITY ONE: To be an elite hockey player, you need to be an elite skater. Our program will work to improve your skating on a daily basis, focusing on edge work, speed, stride and transitioning.

SKILL DEVELOPMENT: In addition to skating, we will also focus on individualized skill development. Each player will be assessed and then challenged by our staff to work on areas of their game that are keeping them from reaching their full potential. Skill sessions will focus on the areas of the game that will improve their Hockey IQ, skating, scoring, passing and defending. Our primary on-ice goal is to improve individual players’ weaknesses and help them reach the next level of their game.

ONE-ON-ONES: Each player will have a personal one-on-one meeting with a coach, or staff member, every week. Discussions will include on ice performance, classroom work, off ice works outs, as well as personal and spiritual accountability. Players will know that they are fully supported by our staff in every area of their lives.

DAILY PRACTICE: Daily on ice team sessions are high tempo practices designed to push our players both physically and mentally to their limits. Our belief is that practices should be harder than games.

VIDEO REVIEW: Our ability to use advanced technology to improve individual players is a big part of our program. We believe that showing players what they do well and what they need to work on through video is an extremely powerful teaching technique. Skill sessions, team practices and games will be recorded and broken down with players to show strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, our partnership with Senaptec, the global leader in visual and mental processing training, will benefit our players by improving their physical and mental performances through the Senaptec Sensory station and strobes.

OFF-ICE TRAINING: Off ice strength training will be designed by our strength coach, with each player receiving an individualized program created and tailored for that player, based on age, body type, position and ability. Like the rest of our program, one size does not fit all, and our ability to customize a routine for each player sets our program apart from others.

GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND: In addition to our two scheduled ice sessions per day, our shooting bay and skating treadmill can be used by our players throughout the day when not in the classroom. Additionally, open ice will be available for players who want additional ice time to work on their areas or improvement.

MENTAL PERFORMANCE TRAINING: Mental Performance Training will be a part of our weekly routine for both our team as well as individual players. This will be conducted by both our staff as well as experts that are brought to the Academy to work with our players.

Core Values

To develop athletes to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, with a foundation built on spiritual development, academic advancement, and athletic excellence.

To develop athletes who have a transforming impact on their hockey teams, professions, communities and families for the Lord Jesus Christ.


  • Hockey is about transformation, character development, and building men, not primarily outcome and performance.
  • Players should be encouraged and transformed into better men by their coaches, built up and not broken down.
  • Playing the game should not create anxiety but rather enjoyment.
  • Growth happens when we push ourselves to excellence within a Christ-centered environment
    Athletics gives us the opportunity to put into practice what we learn in the classroom in regards to our core values.


  • Integrity
  • Serving
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork


  • To ensure that every player knows that: he is loved by the Lord, our coaches and staff, and what it means to be a servant leader among teammates
  • To be pushed to reach their full potential with the gifts the Lord has given them.