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Spiritual Development


At Northstar Christian Academy one of our 3 program pillars is Spiritual Development. This pillar is a major differentiator for us and it has a tremendous impact on our program’s culture.  Like our other 2 pillars, we focus on this pillar every day through a variety of activities.  We like to tell visitors that in the weight room we work on our physical muscles, in the classroom we work on our brains, on the ice we work on our lungs and in the Chapel we work on our hearts.  This “heart” work gives us an advantage over other teams and allows our players to grow deeper in their relationships with each other and our staff.  It is this spiritual development pillar that allows our players to break chains that have a hold on them and free them up to be the best teammates and players that they can be.   Below are a few activities that allow us to connect at the heart level with our players.


Spiritual Development Activities

  • Defining and teaching our players what it means to be a Godly Man.  By using the “10 Traits of a Godly Man” curriculum, we are able to provide each player a strong foundation built on biblical principles to guide them moving forward in life.
  • Teaching and living the Core Values of Northstar as well as working with them on what it means to be a Northstar Knight.
  • Small Group Discipleship - Two times per week
    • Search for Significance study lead by coaches (Every 1st year player goes through this study)
    • Spiritual Leadership Study lead by coaches (Every 2nd year player goes through this study
  • Daily devotionals by players
  • Daily Chapel Services lead by Northstar Christian Academy staff
  • Daily Team worship in Chapel
  • Daily Team prayer
  • Team Spotlight drill to affirm teammates
  • Key note speakers throughout year on topics like leadership, relationships, and following Jesus Christ in our world
  • Opportunity to join FCA Hockey Discipleship Huddles with Junior players across the country, led by college and pro Christian hockey players
  • Service projects throughout the season to put their faith into practice.


Players will billet with Christian Families in the Alexandria community. Every player will have the opportunity to attend local church as well as be encouraged to get involved in other Alexandria community events.