Exciting Elective Credit Opportunity

In the last few weeks some developments have taken shape…changes we believe will be a huge benefit to students who enroll at NorthStar. There is now an option for students to earn high school level elective credits.

These exciting changes will be discussed in more detail at our community meeting on August 17th from 5-6pm at Broadway Ballroom.

Here are a few details to get you in the know:

The credits will not be issued from NorthStar but students will take their course at NorthStar, as planned.
The credit will be issued from an online learning provider that offers the course titled, Community Awareness. This type of course allows students to make their learning individualized by allowing them to use any learning experience (e.g. NorthStar classes) or service projects within their community to demonstrate personal development and enhanced community involvement.
There are some added steps to the enrollment process: Each student who desires to earn credit for a class taken at NorthStar needs to “open-enroll” for the Community Awareness course offered by an online learning provider.
If you are unable to attend the meeting on August 17th, feel free to contact me (Jaci Loween: 320-219-2688) or Jay Jenson (email: [email protected] Phone: 320-760-7474) at anytime with questions or to set up a meeting time.

There is Still Time to Enroll

It isn’t too late to enroll at NorthStar for a Fall 2016 course!

Steps to Enroll:

Click on the Admissions button on the About Us tab
Click on the Application for Admission box
Complete the online form
Check out the course offerings and then email [email protected] the course title you prefer.
Call us or wait for correspondence from NorthStar to complete any further steps necessary.
Classes begin September 6th!

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northstar flyer

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