And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?  Esther 4:14

These famous words spoken by Mordecai to Esther are appropriate for today.  It was a time in the history of Israel that the very existence of God’s people was threatened.  How can we say that we are not commissioned for such a time as this?  The vision and mission of NorthStar Christian Academy is our way of being “the Esther” of our times.  Teaching the Christian faith is our “great commission” and we should surge forward with hope, faith, and love.

Site Work and Construction Progress

It’s winter in Minnesota!  We have been in a waiting period so the ground can thaw and we can start with the foundations.  Our hope is that, with an early spring, we can start in late March.  But, remember – it’s winter in Minnesota!  Construction bid packages have been sent out and we hope to award contracts soon.  It has been a “God thing” that so many suppliers and contractors have come forward with commitments to donate materials and labor as we get started.  This will certainly help our costs for construction as we move forward.

Development & Fund Raising

Fund raising continues and we are encouraged with our progress.  If you would like to participate, you can download a Donation Form, Letter of Intent on our website at:

Curriculum & Administration

We have a few students enrolled already and information about curriculum and enrollment procedures can be learned about in our NCA Student Handbook and Course Catalog.  It is available at  A Course Interest form is also on the website at  For the first year of operation, we will offer four different classes which students can choose from.  They are:

Servant Leadership (Biblical Discipleship: How to live like Jesus)

Understanding the Diverse World Around You (a study of worldviews, world religions, and current events)

Tying together the Bible & My Life (What does it mean to see the Bible as true?  How can studying the Bible as complete and relevant help me connect the Bible to my life?)

Perspectives on Genesis & Biology (evidence of origins and beginnings)

Also remember: The first two classes in this, our first year, will be offered at no charge to students.


We have identified teachers for three of the four classes and are working on the fourth. Those three are:

Jaci Loween – NCA Curriculum Director

Kevin Taylor – Youth for Christ Director (Alexandria)

Jeremiah Swor – Biology Instructor (Alexandria Community & Technical College)


Preliminary plans for the ice arena are in place, but on hold for now.  We are focusing on the school building at this time.  2017 is still the target completion date for the ice arena.

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