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At NorthStar, we approach learning through the understanding that within the context of community and relationships we are spurred to think more deeply, love more authentically, and approach our faith more holistically. We call this a relational model of education: creating an environment in which students, teachers, and volunteers engage in learning experiences that are rooted in a deep sense of belonging, one to another. Each member actively takes ownership in the community by contributing to the learning experiences and relationships. It is learning as a teacher alongside the apprentice (versus expert in front of a pupil).

Within this relationship-focused environment, our mission is to train students to independently and critically think while providing each with the opportunity to embrace a Christ-centered, Biblical worldview as true and the foundation for learning.

If you are interested in being a part of this unique educational ministry, please contact us. We hope to find a way to incorporate your gifts, skills, and intellect into the lives of the students we have been called to serve with truth, love, unity and excellence.

Looking to get involved sooner? Help us out by applying to be a volunteer.