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NCA January 2016 Update

And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?”  Then I said, “Here I am! Send me!”   Isaiah 6:8

These familiar words from the book of Isaiah are appropriately representative of the vision and purpose of NorthStar Christian Academy.  When we ask ourselves what we can do to serve the “great commission” and bring the Gospel to the world, this should be our response.  And, more urgently, with and towards our young people.

Welcome to our first newsletter.  We intend to publish this once a month to keep you informed of our progress.  These newsletters will highlight current activities and important events, both recently and in the future.  We will also post these on our website and Facebook page.  If you have a specific question not addressed in our newsletters, please feel free to contact us.


If you have driven by our location on Pioneer Road this fall, you would have seen lots of activity.  Thanks to our excavators and Building Committee, we had very good progress this fall.  The road bed is in and the site where the school building will be has been excavated and filled to grade.  This will give us a good head start as soon as possible in the spring and not have to deal with springtime mud and soft ground.  We plan to start as soon as we can this spring and have the site and school building ready for the fall semester this year.  Our schedule calls for bidding the project in February and completing the school building and site work by the end of August.  Below is a 3D view of the school building and a floor plan layout:

jlg-northstar-building jlg-northstar-floorplan


Thanks to the generous hearts of supporters, we are well on our way.  Currently, we have raised about 40% of the needs for the entire initial site planning (land, excavation, school building, ice arena, and parking area).  We have the funds for land purchase, school building, and initial excavation, either in cash or donation commitments.  The balance of our needs will be for the FCA Hockey ice arena and some additional site work.


Our NCA Student Handbook and Course Catalog is now available.  If you would like one mailed, just let us know.  You can also download it at  A Course Interest form is also on the website at  This gives NCA the opportunity to start building a schedule based on student interests.  Students at AAHS will attend our classes in place of study hall time allotted in their schedules.  Minnesota Department of Education regulations allow for Release Time Religious Instruction as long as it is off campus.  Also, they will not be required to “make up” class loads elsewhere in their schedule.

For the first year of operation, we will offer four different classes which students can choose from.  They are:

• Servant Leadership (Biblical Discipleship: How to live like Jesus)

• Understanding the Diverse World Around You (a study of worldviews, world religions, and current events)

• Tying together the Bible & My Life (What does it mean to see the Bible as true?  How can studying the Bible as complete and relevant help me connect the Bible to my life?)

• Perspectives on Genesis & Biology (evidence of origins and beginnings)


Currently, we are working on staff position needs and job descriptions.  We intend to have teachers designated for each of the four courses noted above.  Also, we will designate the positions of “Curriculum and Spiritual Developer” as well as “School Administrator”.


Preliminary design work is ongoing for the ice arena (our focus right now is on the school building).  The current best thoughts are that we will start on the ice arena in 2017.  Rick Randazzo (National Director of FCA Hockey) is in the process of relocating the FCA Hockey headquarters and his family to Alexandria.  Their national scope programs will continue as in the past, and once the NCA ice arena is completed, it will serve as FCA Hockey headquarters.

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