Northstar Christian Academy

NorthStar Christian Academy's mission is to train students to independently and critically think, while providing students with the opportunity to embrace the Biblical worldview as true and as the foundation for learning.

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Providing Christian oriented education for students earning their high school diploma. A combination of in class room classes and supervised online teaching. High school and college credits are offered.


NorthStar Christian Academy strives to develop athletes to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, with a foundation built on spiritual development, academic advancement, and athletic excellence.

Sports Complex

The Northstar Sports Complex in Alexandria, Minnesota is a brand new 70,000 square foot sports complex that opened in September of 2018.

Open Turf Times and Open Skate - See Turf Times Calendar and Ice Rink Calendar for open times

3on3 Hockey League

girls hockey camp 2019

Girls Hockey Camp 2019

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nsc academy 2019 graduates

Graduation 2019

Graduation 2019 Congratulations Graduates!